A Journey Through Time With Khalid

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Khalid, the last true Assassin in Assassin’s Creed III, can be seen and explored in great detail in Ezio’s journey. As a series, Ezio and Desmond’s travel around Italy and are caught up in a series of epic and sometimes deadly situations. It is during these moments that you see the great insight into a larger life to come.

The first part of the ill-fated journey of Ezio and Desmond takes place in Venice. As they travel in the main quest line, your focus changes to be more about you than it is the action of the game. What comes from this is you have an important and vital role in the lives of your companions as well as yourself.

You will first notice a large chain that holds the Mezzanine floors. To find Khalid you must free him from captivity, you will be fighting off many threats with which he holds you.

His constant threat is usually about how he is going to release the mysterious group of Ivy Leaves that you are trying to escort out of the city. A tactic you need to avoid is breaking the locks that Khalid’s men use against you. This will ultimately leave you and your companions without access to Khalid, leaving them in peril in the city.

While you fight through the city there will be many opportunities to free Khalid from his torturers and Ivy Leaves can often be found in them. When you are able to free Khalid you will be allowed to leave the city. Your companions will not be able to follow, but in the time leading up to your release you will be given another opportunity to do so and once you make it back into the city you will gain your freedom.

Upon your return to the city you will have to escape from the trap the guards set for you. One quick diversion will make it easy for you to get to the Tower and discover the truth about what happened to you. From here you will find your way to the famous Granada.

You will discover that the Assassins were following the Assassins to the location, they come across Vitelli. They may have hoped that Vitelli would die during their pursuit and were prepared to kill to do so. However, with your assistance Vitelli manages to escape before he is killed.

After you make it back to your friends, they will learn that the fact about you being the only one that knows about the Ivy Leaves is the real story. They can continue on their journey if you wish, but once you do you can enter the gates of Granada. There is plenty of fun and adventure here that will change you and your allies.

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