Major Security Breach at City Schools

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The Al Aqsa Islamic Center in San Bernardino is located in a very large building. They usually have a large kitchen and it is typically where people can get meals when they go there. One person who regularly went to the kitchen for meals was San Bernardino Middle School teacher and English Language Arts teacher, Khalid Black. He had nothing to do with this day and decided to investigate the situation.


He walked into the kitchen and noticed that the source code to the door was off. Upon further investigation he found out that the security company, a part of Verizon, had purchased the building from another company. Khalid began to wonder if he would ever be able to go back to his school.

At the school during lunch Khalid’s lunchtime class was breaking up the beef and having them reheated on the gas line. After doing this for some time Khalid began to become anxious about the beef issue. His anxiety grew to such an extent that he decided to check the source code again. The source code was still off.

Khalid decided to just go and get the source code himself to see if he could fix it. He entered the kitchen and was surprised to find out that the source code was off because the source code was very simple. This led him to believe that the source code had been changed recently and he should have noticed this before.

He then began to call the Verizon and they told him that he needed to call the building manager for him to access the source code. At this point Khalid was concerned and he thought that the manager was going to be very strict with him when he tried to access the code. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be allowed to see the source code. He also figured that the code was going to be very difficult to crack so he decided to wait a little bit longer.

Khalid didn’t notice that the source code was missing when he looked back at the teacher’s manual to the building. He also didn’t notice that the manager was nowhere to be found. He took the numbers one by one and he then called the number again. He found out that he couldn’t access the code from that phone number.

On Friday at the Manhattan Beach Youth Center at Western High School, Khalid’s classes were cancelled because of a lockdown drill. When he told the students that the kitchen had locked down, they told him that they didn’t know what to do. When he returned home that night he found out that the center had locked down and he left to investigate.

Khalid finally realized that the source code had been changed when he tried to access the code with a new phone number. Unfortunately he couldn’t figure out how to get past the lock.

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