An Updated Time Travel Thriller With A Superb Performance From Khalid Khan

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The most awesome and motivating actress to hit the big screen is British starlet Khalid. He is also a Pakistani Muslim from the wealthy Jirga tribe who has been ditched by his father. With the help of his archenemy, his former employer, a succession of colourful characters, and an untrustworthy female agent, he is finally ready to exact revenge on his father. After his family refuses to leave the fate of his son up to him, he starts looking for ways to succeed where his father failed.

For those who have seen Khalid’s movies or read his biography, this film will be nothing new and the characters and story line are familiar, but this is a truly fast-paced thriller which keep the audience on the edge of their seats as they look for a way out of hectic times. Filmed with superb visual and sound effects, Khalid falls under the umbrella of the ‘Bollywood of today’. It’s exciting, challenging, thrilling and exhilarating.

He is the type of actor who can create humor from seemingly very serious issues, especially that of the Bollywood hero. His portrayal of Jirga is yet another interesting facet of his performance. On screen, Jirga is known to be a member of the Jain community, although the ethnicity has been changed in order to make it more “Indian”.

The Indian caste system is a major focus in Jirga as well. Although the fight scene between Jirga and Khalid at the end of the movie was expected to be the climactic moment, instead we get a brief glimpse of Khalid being forced to surrender with no fighting in the end. Instead, we watch Khalid kill a few Jirga members before the final fight sequence.

Hasty changes were made in his character to suit the director who wanted to get a darker drama, but this meant losing the essence of the role. Moreover, this change also caused some of the more charismatic scenes between him and Satinder to be lost. Also, we don’t get to see much of Rana, the captain of the village guard who proves to be a crucial ally in the end of the movie.

Although Jirga isn’t exactly a Hollywood blockbuster, it is still highly entertaining to watch, but what makes it a great Bollywood film is the fact that the ‘real’ Jirga and the Ramnagar Jirga were filming using real costumes, and that these scenes were part of the actual scene rather than added. The costumes were worn by actors to make them appear more authentic and bring out the true spirit of the Bollywood era. The costumes were also a lot cheaper than what Hollywood actors had at the time.

Still, the movie remains an enjoyable watch, as far as drama goes. There is humor as well, but not enough to ruin the movie.

Khalid is one of the most beloved Bollywood heroes, not just because of his amazing and charismatic acting, but also because of his strong character and his simple and pure story line. The hero of the film may not be that popular, but he is one of the best villains, and Bollywood fans all over the world will definitely appreciate the story and performance of Khalid Khan.

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