A Review of “The Lost Pair” by David Dacre

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Khalid (Abdul Hameed) has made his way back to the United States and has signed on to play in Las Vegas, at a poker game that is going to be played by Paulie and three other men. A lot has changed since he last visited and it’s interesting how he hasn’t been able to adjust. As he settles into his new place, he is still struggling with his ego and he doesn’t like people who are close to him because he can’t get them to open up.

He just wants to go out and have fun, but he is having trouble accepting himself as he is settling into his new place. The first thing he thinks about is his old friends. They had all come together and left him, so he wants to figure out why he feels like he should be happy. Paulie sees him having problems and they try to talk him out of this sense of loneliness.

This is a recurring theme in the story and the only thing that can really be done is to make sure that he learns to let go of the past and learn to appreciate what he has to offer. One of the main characters, Gloria (Amy Brooke), has her own issues to deal with. It seems that she is looking for a way to be at peace.

The way in which she deals with Las Vegas and the reality that she is where she is right now is very interesting. Another female character is not as important, but her story is similar.

She has a new relationship, but the main thing she is trying to do is maintain the life she had before her boyfriend broke up with her. The thing is that she has reached a point in her life where she no longer has a home and has a lot of baggage from that situation. She is also in search of a feeling of peace.

Allof these situations are a good thing because they are very human. Unfortunately, it means that there isn’t a lot of sympathy for her. The fact that she doesn’t get the emotional support she needs isn’t a fault.

This is just the way things are in the book. I don’t think that Khalid and Gloria were meant to be friends. Their story would have been much better if he had been more concerned with her life than what she thought he was doing in it.

The final thing I want to say is that there are definitely elements of this book that aren’t meant to be taken seriously. These are written in a way that is meant to be funny and hopefully endearing. Otherwise, they could have easily turned into a series of very serious stories about the same characters.

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