“Kafkaesque” by Khalid Saleem – An Alien Invasion Story

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“Into the Future” is one of the first novels of the new millennium written by bestselling author, Khalid Saleem. With a first book of its kind in the field of science fiction, and dealing with an alien invasion, it is one of the most eagerly awaited novels in years. A futuristic novel written by a Muslim of Pakistani origin, it deserves to be discussed by as many people as possible.


In his first novel, Khalid writes about a group of people who are trying to figure out how they fit into a future alien society which has been set up. The place where this future society is located is called Baja, and the people are divided into three different groups, one being the so-called whites, who try to preserve their own kind and existence. These two groups are also under threat from other alien species who want to conquer the planet. On the other hand, there is the Sephardi Jews who only wants to survive.

A mixture of international, Arabic, Persian, and English words are used in Kafkaesque to create an incredible sounding story. Although there is no Arabic writing used, the characters speak in English, which may help explain some of the strange cultural aspects of the novel.

Though a very entertaining book, I would still recommend it to those who are not too familiar with the Arab world, or who are interested in a futuristic read. Most people will enjoy the story, but the main theme of the book is the blending of cultural differences which can be difficult for someone who is not used to having people from many different cultures in close proximity.

Kafkaesque, by Khalid Saleem, is available on Amazon.com. Khalid also has a website which has lots of information about the story and the author. The author’s website also has an interesting bonus program where you can watch “Memoirs of an Iranian Girl” with Khalid.

I remember having this book when I was a long time reader. When I was a kid, my mother would tell me that my mother read a lot and that I should also give books a chance to become a reader.

I guess that just goes to show that there is more to literature than just the light and dark side. Anyone can read a book and then think that what the author was saying was the absolute truth. What matters in the end is if you connect with the message of the author and that is a big part of the success of any work of art.

Kafkaesque by Khalid Saleem is a science fiction novel that offers a unique and exciting plot line that is sure to make any reader eagerly read the next book. Those who love to read will find this highly enjoyable and those who do not may wonder why they have not heard of this author before.

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