The Power of Meditation by Priyank Chopra

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Priyank Chopra’s is a name that has come to be associated with things that are apparently magical. But is the hype true? Many of us have read about him and have at least heard him on the radio, but have we really seen or felt his presence?

Priyank Chopra

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet him and the other fellow hypnotherapist John Fulton. We chatted in an interesting room in which each guest was able to sit alone to be seated by their own TV. Then another type of screen provided ambient light. All of this was done to allow us to observe the way these people interacted in a highly controlled environment.

Most of the people in this type of group would have had an experience that made them believe that they were talking to someone from Prodigy Medicine. So, what is Prodigy? Prodigy is the company that Priyank Chopra founded. He has taken many people from all over the world and has taught them how to meditate. Since then, he has not held the title, but he still has followers all over the world.

Priyank Chopra teaches people how to reduce stress, enhance their immunity and how to gain better levels of self-esteem. He also helps to take back their bodies from the forces of time and allows them to tap into their ability to heal. He has learned from many people who had been in meditation and has had wonderful experiences along the way.

I noticed that these other individuals are from all over the world, and in addition to their ethnicity and religions, they have grown up in very different places and cultures, and yet the differences seem to blend together as they learn from each other. When you learn to meditate, you begin to understand that each of us is part of a much larger world, and not separate entities. That there is a purpose for our existence on Earth, and that we have the ability to spread our consciousness.

So when Priyank Chopra teaches us how to heal ourselves and how to live life to the fullest, it is no surprise that the teachings are shared by many people all over the world. In the middle of one of the sessions, my eyes widened in amazement as I looked around and noticed that all the people were watching.

Seeing this variety of cultures, this variety of people sharing with us the same knowledge, was a sight to behold. These are the spiritual people, who have evolved from thousands of years of experience. The fact that they were all interested in a professional coach helped to remind me that all of us can benefit from taking advantage of the wisdom of others.

The teachings in Indian culture have survived because of the ability of people to assimilate new teachings into their lifestyles. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world picks up on this and does something about the lack of awareness.

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