The Mysterious Khalid

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The character of Khalid is one of the most interesting ones in the Book of Acts. It is an ambiguous character, as it could be described as a good man, a devil, a fool, a lover, a guardian, a traitor and a murderer.


It is said that in his time, there was an apostle of Jesus Christ, the prophet Mohammed. He had met and decided to ask the prophet to speak to Khalid as he had some matters to discuss with him. Mohammed wanted to know what was Khalid’s view on certain issues, which included infidelity. He was afraid that if Khalid betrayed him, he would never get peace in Arabia and that the desert kingdom would lose its integrity and would lose it.

Mohammed asked Khalid if the prophet could see God through Khalid’s eyes. He asked Khalid to think about it. He was going to leave for the sea and if Khalid got into trouble, he would return and give a reply. They both sat down and began their discussion. They listened and when Mohammed asked Khalid, if he knew that the Prophet was a messenger of God, he replied in the negative.

Mohammed called the prophet a liar and began berating him and told him that he would curse him and give a statement about all of his deeds. Mohammed told him that he was a liar and that he had cheated him. He went on to tell him that all he did was lie and deceive the people and because of this, Mohammed was still alive. He asked him to clarify and Khalid said, “The only thing I do not know is what I had said.”

Mohammed told him to kill him and Khalid was given permission by the apostle to kill him. Later, when the apostle heard the story, he asked Khalid if he had a wife and he replied in the affirmative. Mohammed asked him what was the status of their relationship and Khalid said that he was married and had a daughter who was with her mother and he was well supplied with goods and money.

He made an attempt to add insult to injury but Mohammed kept it in his heart that the story was just a myth. He assured him that he was not a liar and continued his story. When Mohammed told him to leave Arabia, he replied, “I do not know why I should leave my country.”

Mohammed told him that the situation was serious and he was going to tell the prophet that Khalid was not telling the truth. The prophet told him that he would not put a stop to his advice and leave, but he would be put under the sword.

The prophet gave him ten more days to decide on what to do and that was the last time that he spoke to Khalid. He was hanged and martyred by the apostle.

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