Role Models – Oprah and Olivia

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Oprah’s wealth and influence can be seen in any number of places and circumstances. At one time, Oprah could have taken a job as a business reporter for The New York Times or CNN, or possibly been the host of a daytime show on the USA Network. For whatever it is she would have done, she would still have had an edge over her competitors. But now, the word is out, and people love to follow her when she appears at an event, and often, a well-crafted interview is enough to move the payer and inspire the consumer.


Oprah’s political speech and segment are a magnet for public outrage, but the media spotlight has also helped to reach potential consumers, who will then click through to check out the special offers that are available through her popular website. Her site includes video game downloads, plus online dating and service specials. The resulting buzz around Oprah has been intriguing for entertainment aficionados, and even for many home-owners looking to add a little entertainment to their lives. On a basic level, there are the usual tidbits about medicine, travel, etc., along with a lot of behind-the-scenes personal information about different world events and stars. Beyond that, Oprah has found ways to use her influence to help keep people focused on what’s important – and not what is going on in the news.

With this in mind, some other details have arisen with regards to the “O” in Oprah. The actual Oprah is not “Oprah,” but Olivia Benson. She’s not Oprah’s mom, or sister, but her wife and children are considered to be the real, true Oprah. “Olivia” does receive the bulk of the attention, but the real Oprah is considered to be the grandmother of the Oprah show, since her children took a leading role in the life of the show.

Besides speaking on the show, Olivia has been active in the community, too. She was married in 1984, and they moved into an old hotel with two bedrooms and bathroom in Manhattan. She has been busy with her own business, which focuses on book publishing and TV appearances.

Because of Olivia’s history of involvement in various charitable causes, some people might be inclined to think she has something to do with the show. However, she has insisted on keeping all control of the show, but has also said that her mother, Madeleine, plays a key role in the creation of the show. Although her mother says she created the first version of the show, Olivia disagrees. Her real role is probably as an inspiration and sponsor, but she has tried to take the role of a grandmother to the show.

If we want to compare Olivia’s life to other women in the early days of feminism, we can look at the stories of Alice Paul and Clara Barton. While Alice went on to become the president of the United States, Clara Barton worked as a school teacher and later became a writer. Both women made a name for themselves through their own efforts from other women.

In general, Olivia has been more interested in taking on a leadership role in the educational system, while speaking for the voiceless and advocating for the disenfranchised. But, when it comes to Oprah, she does seem to have achieved a level of celebrity status beyond what most have experienced in previous years.

Perhaps, when Oprah herself is still alive, she’ll continue to grow as a person and the legacy she has left on the world. It is obvious she still is an incredibly dynamic and innovative person, and her status will only continue to grow as she nears the end of her career.

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