Hottest Shows of 2020 – Shows You Can’t Miss

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Which television shows are headed for the “hottest” list in the next decade? What are the shows that we as viewers are most excited about?

Hottest Shows of 2020

Right now, it looks like our favorite traditional television and movie genres will continue to dominate the Golden Globes, Emmys, and Oscars, respectively. However, technology may be leading the way with new platforms and new ways to reach audiences around the world.

We all watch TV to escape, or at least to distract ourselves. It is a medium where we can be entertained, make friends, learn about history, or just chill and hang out with friends. With social media, as well as blogs, and websites that allow instant communication, the “e-hour” may soon be the “e-minute.” That is if you believe the big internet companies that provide streaming video on demand, and services such as YouTube and Facebook, which promise their users to deliver millions of hours of video and information on demand.

These media platforms also provide us with the tools to do more than just watch. People can talk about these things with their friends, create fan groups, and participate in discussions. Technology is allowing people to interact with each other, and with advertisers that are still seeking to get their message across, this is opening up new avenues to reach our consumers.

The variety of entertainment options available online has also created new opportunities for entertainment that started with the television and has continued with movie industry celebrities such as Adam Sandler, who has become huge on YouTube. How many people could not give two shits about a movie star who can bring in over one million views a month? Now, these people have the power to make a living and to be recognized around the world. They are doing it by becoming stars on these internet channels and creating their own fans, which are willing to pay to follow them.

While the broadcast networks struggle to adapt to the new media platforms, our children are turning to the internet to find the newest games, to create their own network of friends, and to see the newest movies. How far we have come in the last ten years! No longer do we get just thirty minutes of programming. Not only are these channels allowing us to multitask, but they are also supplying the programming that we never would have been able to see on television.

One thing is certain, it will not be the same next year. But it will be because of technology that we watch it. There is no doubt that, in the next ten years, it will be a completely different industry. And as with any industry, it will be the ones that are on top that will stay there.

Do you want to be the one of the first to be introduced to your favorite television shows? It might not be the highest rated show out there, but you will be able to watch it live on your computer screen, and you will be the one laughing and smiling instead of wishing that you were in the room with everyone else.

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