Educational Opportunities Close in Oprah’s Life

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Oprah Winfrey’s audience continues to expand. Through the years she has made Oprah’s Life Classroom and Oprah Winfrey Network one of the most popular ways to improve education, promote childhood development, and be a catalyst for increased philanthropy.


Oprah Winfrey’s Classroom curriculum has given birth to her own network of television stations. Each of these platforms gives her a platform for her show “Oprah Winfrey Learning Channel” to become one of the most widely-viewed programs in all of television. In fact, Oprah’s Learning Channel is one of the best-selling channels on all of television and has increased its viewership by over 5 million since its inception.

Oprah Winfrey’s show is also known for its educational discussions and documentaries. This has allowed the show to provide an outlet for teachers to expand their career and serve as a medium for them to bring education into the forefront of society. The educational focus of the show has changed the face of the education industry.

In addition to the many educational training courses that are available through the Oprah Winfrey School of Excellence, other teachers across the country have taken advantage of free education training offered through their local school districts. Local PBS schools have also expanded the use of these programs. Thanks to these offerings, more children can receive a quality education and improve their chances for success.

Oprah’s network provides good opportunities for parents to connect with their children and encourage them to grow into their careers. Some schools offer scholarships, while others offer financial aid for parents who want to send their children to these schools. In addition, there are now fundraising initiatives for teachers who want to offer more affordable, quality programs for their students.

The teacher’s association of the South was also recently moved from its original location in Memphis to make way for a new Teach For America program. The SEIU has also purchased the Mission Teachers Center in New York City and is planning to relocate it to New Orleans. Teachers have been successful in their efforts to move the center, but the move is coming at a steep price to the students of this community.

Today, the allure of a community that has been uplifted by Oprah Winfrey has allowed hundreds of families to move into this community, as well as countless teachers’ assistants who have been relocated as well. This move offers a unique opportunity for individuals and groups who wish to make a difference. Thousands of dollars could be contributed toward the education of thousands of students in this community.

The future of education in America is directly tied to the level of success that Oprah Winfrey has provided to thousands of students. While this would be an achievement that could be duplicated by anyone who truly wishes to impact their local communities, there is no reason that all areas cannot benefit from Oprah’s vision for bettering education.

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