Some Novella: Billie Eilish

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If you’re a fan of the television show The L Word, then you are sure to enjoy reading this novella. Author Billie Eilish does such a great job of capturing the atmosphere and sensuality of L.A. that you’ll want to read more!

Billie Eilish

The title refers to the scene where a very young L.A. girl has a heart-to-heart with one of her friends. The best friend is off to her parents’ house, so it’s up to the girl to go up to her friend’s house. Of course, her friend isn’t there, so she goes to her parent’s place looking for clues on what to do next.

She picks up her father’s phone, and there he is on the other end! He is answering the call of one of his clients. This leads to a great conversation between the two friends about whether or not the man should be there, and they both come to the conclusion that he shouldn’t be.

All is well until another young girl calls to let her friends know that she’s off to the party at the Playboy mansion. As the girl walks out, she sees the boy who was supposed to be in her room and starts crying! The friend doesn’t like this because she thinks that the boy wasn’t the one she thought she was talking to and tells the girl that she needs to think about it!

Then all hell breaks loose! The girl decides that she is going to go back to the party anyway, and of course will see the boy again! When she gets home, the room is empty, but the boy is gone!

The next day, the girl’s friend tells her that the boy is going to have a surprise for her, and when she gets to the house, he and his date are waiting outside! And when she sees the girl’s face, she realizes that it’s the boy who made the call! The girl also finds out that the boy’s parents are in town for the visit, so he doesn’t want his parents to find out about the call. Also, he wants to tell the girl not to tell her parents that he came to see her.

The girl can’t believe this, but she does anyway. When she gets back to her house, the boy informs her that he loved her and would never have hurt her. Although the boy says that he didn’t mean to scare her, she knows that he did and realizes that if she stays away from him, he will hurt her!

I really enjoyed this novella. You’ll definitely enjoy it too!

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