The Focus Of Oprah’s Excellence

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Oprah is an award winning lifestyle, TV, and publishing network. She has made a name for herself as a columnist, talk show host, interviewee, and magazine writer.


With a clear vision and the drive to succeed, Oprah has an impact on her readers and viewers that they will never forget. Oprah’s guiding principles for success have helped millions of people achieve their own personal best.

Oprah and Nietzsche were both troubled teenagers when they first met. Both were pampered kids who had grown up in the lap of luxury. Their lives were governed by their parents’ desires and priorities, so their paths were very different.

Both started out with particular qualities that made them stand out. But the results of their respective efforts also differed. For Nietzsche, the ideal was to find the God that was right for him. For Oprah, the goal was to find out what it really meant to be a good person.

In their early days, both learned that they had to work hard to be respected. Their value systems formed around their parents’ expectations and responsibilities. But they were able to develop certain skills in spite of these expectations. Oprah also learned that she had to live a life of integrity if she was going to succeed in this new venture.

In a book written by Charles Gunther, entitled “The Way of the Superior Man,” it is suggested that it was only by searching for themselves and their values that Oprah and Nietzsche developed the skills that they used to excel at their respective jobs. Oprah’s writing career has been one of the most fulfilling things that she has done. She has found a new calling and is very excited about being able to share her knowledge and insight with other people. In a famous quote, Nietzsche said: “We can only love what we know.” Through her writing, Oprah has found a way to express what she loves most in a different light. This new form of expression brings her happiness, but she continues to look for love.

Oprah is not someone who is simply defined by her title. Her approach to life and her philosophy are so much more than a description of her book. By learning from her own experiences and those of others, Oprah has brought happiness to millions of people.

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