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Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential women in the world. From her TV program to her books and network show, Oprah has built a legacy that has encompassed everything from the dress code for her all-white clothing to learning how to bake one of her famous pies.


In some ways, Olivia Guerrero can be considered the love child of two of the most popular people of our time. As Oprah’s companion for eight years, she developed a following of loyal fans and devoted followers who are always hungry for more information about her life. This book focuses on her time with Oprah on her popular talk show as well as her books and the current production of her network television program.

Olivia Guerrero is the author of the first book ever to become an overnight bestseller. “The Secret” was initially published on Oprah’s talk show but was later turned into a nationally televised network television series. This book was Oprah’s choice for her New York Times bestseller list, which led to a huge publishing deal with Simon & Schuster.

Olivia Guerrero’s passion for her book was what got her to Oprah and allowed her to help the world by opening her eyes to the need for empowerment and change. But, just as there are people who develop famous children in their lives, there are those who also have famous mothers in their lives. The “O” in Olivia’s name stood for Oprah Winfrey; it is now Olivia’s fans who will get to experience what she experienced.

Oprah Magazine published an article in February of 2020 by Olivia Guerrero entitled “Olivia Guerrero on Personal Life and Work”. You can read this insightful and inspiring article and see her thoughts and insights in action through an interview that she did with Oprah. You will see that Oprah got a chance to hear what Olivia Guerrero had to say about a multitude of subjects including her own life, relationships, family, children, philosophy, spirituality, and much more.

Olivia Guerrero shares with Oprah a wealth of knowledge and experience. You will learn what it means to be a teacher, a leader, a leader in your community, and how to practice the teachings that she herself has learned through her journey. You will read about her development as a teacher through the use of her own teaching guides.

Oprah is very generous in giving Oprah an opportunity to share her story and her wisdom with so many others. Through this beautiful story that Olivia Guerrero shares with Oprah, you will learn that the best is yet to come.

You will learn from Olivia Guerrero and from the network of Oprah followers how to be a great teacher, a great leader, and a great role model for your children. And, you will learn that there is much goodness in the world that is waiting to be awakened and manifested.

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