Oprah and James Monroe

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Oprah Winfrey has had her share of good times and bad, she has been a celebrity and then a survivor. She has survived much tragedy and public scandal and had a favorite son, James Monroe who was murdered in a famous car crash. The television show has been at its best when Oprah is still here on earth and we can feel the pain, happiness and peace that Oprah’s influence brings into everyone’s life.

Oprah has lost many friends to cancer, but she has maintained her friends through the years. Her closest friend and companion the late Princess Grace Kelly is seen on TV every night with Oprah and by all accounts she is very lucky. Princess Grace Kelly loved life and as an actress she had a great career. Her husband was not very happy with her decision to be with Oprah, but they are now happily married and living in Paris together.

The Magicians is another TV show that has Oprah in a big role as the great magician called, Flicka Trinket. This will bring back memories of my younger days when I was watching that show and it was a big hit with the kids. We used to get a great laugh of the old man who got up every night and did a magic trick, one after the other. In fact, he and Oprah had a wonderful relationship and were always laughing and joking, even if you were watching the TV at the time.

One of the few things we could all do as children and teenagers were magic tricks. They were just out of our reach and most of us were too shy to go near the wardrobe. Nowadays the TV has changed and we can see all sorts of shows that you would never have dreamed of before. Oprah has the magic ability to bring magic back into life.

Oprah and James Monroe are my heros and this is another show I watched many times with my family when I was a teenager. The last few episodes were really heart touching and made you tear up, as Flicka trinket’s friend, dies. This episode was more painful than the first two which made me realize that we should remember those who are dear to us.

The character of Flicka Trinket was a great one and an original one, as his jokes were funny and the guests were just as funny. The television show is a great opportunity for parents to teach children about friendship and how to help others. It has made Oprah and James Monroe heroes to many young girls around the world.

In recent times Oprah has also shown her strong Christian beliefs and made some references to her own past battles with drugs and alcohol. It makes her open minded to those that are in need and willing to help them, as well as to help others.

During the episode, she said some movie clips of herself from the past with her sister and some with her father, this made Oprah’s character seem very real and believable. Just like in the real world there are good and bad people and just as some people would argue we should forgive.

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