Killing Khalid Al-Walid, The Prophet’s Brother and Raider

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Khalid, the son of Moataz-allah Izz Al-Din (founder of the Islamic State) and Sa’adah Al-Khailah (the queen who converted the prophet Muhammad to Islam), was adopted by Prince Zeid (a cousin of Moataz-allah Izz Al-Din) and married to Amina Abul Fadl (another cousin). Prince Zeid, by then a known enemy of Islam, was preparing to fight Muhammad and wanted to kill him. To ensure that Zeid didn’t carry out his attack Khalid married Amina, but the prince was to attack her brother Muhammad (Muhammad’s adopted son) in Khaybar (near Mecca). Prince Zeid knew that Khalid, in his willingness to marry Amina, was a traitor, and so he ordered Khalid to be killed on that very day.


While Prince Zeid was dying, Khalid was able to reach Muhammad and warn him about the plot. In the meantime, Muhammad was in Egypt and went into hiding. Before Khalid died he warned Muhammad to escape from Khaybar to Medina, but Muhammad was already planning to go to Medina to hide.

Khalid escaped to Medina, where he told Muhammad that the plotters were trying to get hold of horses. He would first go to Kufa and then to Yemen to look for a horse. After returning from his journey Khalid found that the army of the Romans had attacked. The army captured him and hung him from a tree. Muhammad later freed him.

Khalid’s death led to the weakening of the unity of Islam, and this did not help the Muslims in the Battle of Umm al-Maamoun, where they fought against the Roman army, so they kept Khalid as a martyr. He is buried in Madina and his grave is called “Khalid bin Al-Walid”.

Abu Suwar, the freed slave of Khalid, told us that Khalid said that he had heard that he would be hanged, so he came with two of his companions to Khaybar to seek refuge in the mosque. The entire Khaybar mosque was filled with Muslims, so Abu Suwar took up a stone and threw it at Khalid’s feet.

Abu Suwar, who witnessed the execution of Khalid, was one of the leaders of the raiders in Umm al-Maamoun. He was also among those who attacked the Romans at Badr.

When the Romans heard that Khalid had been killed, they opened fire on the raiders, but they were stopped by Abu Suwar. However, when he fell from the mosque pulpit, he missed his shot and fell on the ground, and some of the Romans were killed as a result. Some of the Muslims then came out of the mosque to fight the Romans, and were joined by Khalid and Abu Suwar.

Khalid, along with the other raiders, received a reward for their role in the Battle of Umm al-Maamoun. They are also believed to have killed many Romans. However, the Romans only died when their leader, Rufinus, fell from the walls of the city.

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