Chiropractic Science and Chiropractic Medicine – Are Chakra Energy Factors to Be Credited?

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Priyank Chopra is not an orthodox doctor and he has no medical degree from any school that could be labeled as scientific or professional. In his book “The Secret”, he talks about a science of light called “quanta” which could be what most medical professionals call quantum biology.

Priyank Chopra

Priyank Chopra claims that the human mind is naturally drawn to the level of energy, meaning that energy circulates all around us, even though we cannot see it. When a person enters a meditative state, he or she is in a place where he or she can “see the flowing energy”. This energy, as Priyank Chopra explains, is present in all humans as a way of life.

What has been reported as testimonials by Priyank Chopra’s followers include symptoms such as ringing in the ears, sudden heart attack, dizziness, depression, sexual dysfunction, and increased susceptibility to disease. Priyank Chopra claims that there are five different levels of energy that we can perceive, which includes the five basic types of energy and the sixth level of energy that is considered to be the “unseen energy”. Priyank Chopra is of the opinion that the seven chakras represent the seven energy centers that our body experiences. According to him, when the chakras are ‘activated’ they create the chakra energy for our physical bodies.

It is worth mentioning that the chiropractic medicine, which is a part of Priyank Chopra’s practice, also considers the chakras as a system of energy centers that work together to enhance overall health. The chiropractic approach to the theory of chakras would explain how the chakras can affect the performance of the different organs of the body and can thus help in creating the optimal health conditions.

However, a spiritual or metaphysical approach could provide a completely different and better explanation on the concepts of chakras, which could prove to be very beneficial. Although some adherents to the methodology of chiropractic medicine might look at this as a type of magic procedure, there are certain ways that these energies can be used to help improve the quality of life and thereby, the quality of health.

Culde, a spiritual leader, explained to me the same principle of chakras and chakra energy that is mentioned by Priyank Chopra. According to Culde, when one receives enlightenment or knowledge of his or her spiritual nature, the soul enters the seventh chakra. The soul then merges with the “universal energy” of the universe, and the soul is able to transcend into a completely different level of consciousness.

According to Culde, all energies have their own unique characteristic and can be used to enhance health. Culde claimed that chi is the energy of the universe and can be used to increase ones mental and physical power by enhancing your connection with the energy throughout the body.

Chakra energy, like chi, can be accessed through meditation and yoga practices. There are various books that provide a comprehensive, but detailed description of the chakras, along with many different types of healing and spiritual treatments that can be used to treat each chakra. As far as Priyank Chopra goes, I personally haven’t seen any kind of scientific proof that shows that the Chakras exist.

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