Priyank Chopra Book Prize

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The world’s largest bookstore chains recently held a contest with Priyank Chopra. He was the first person called to answer the call and also win a prize. Well he has finally won it and the prize was a free copy of his new book, Transforming Pain. Read on to know about the prize he got.

Priyank Chopra

The bookstore called him for a reason and this is to find out who is most eligible to get the free book. Priyank Chopra was called from London because he is very famous in the UK for all the he does and thus it was decided that he would be the one to get the free book. One might ask, what the book is about?

Priyank Chopra says in his book, “Word Meditation”. His book is based on the medical science of the mind and its wonders. He has written a book that is mainly in Hindi and English. He not only has his own translation but also has other foreign languages added into the work.

He is the author of various books. This book is about “Word Meditation” which explains the way in which the mind can think about words that have been translated from a language. It helps people get better at deciphering and translating different languages.

According to the contest held by the bookstores, Priyank Chopra has been given the title of winner in a contest conducted by all the bookstores of the world. The bookstores have participated to this contest by calling a contestant for a reason and all of them are winners.

Many books online and offline have this title of winner. Well they all will be happy to know that Priyank Chopra will now get a free copy of his book. How does it work?

One of the titles that were eligible for this contest had Priyank Chopra as the winner and was able to get free copies of his book. So that was the reason for this. This was the reason Priyank Chopra was given the title of winner of this contest.

It is a great way to promote his book in the United States. If Priyank Chopra gets this free copy then more people will have a chance to read this book and thus can be happy about the fact that he can be a great way to promote his book to others.

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