Bad Guy, Kiddah Saleh, and Khalid Aboushi

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Khalid Aboushi (played by Timothy Busfield) is a natural-born con artist who has run from the law for many years. He seems to find his role as a villain very interesting and he can be good at it too, by just lying about what he does.


The bad guys are always people like this and the good guys are the ones who seem to stand up to the evil. They must not be afraid of the monster. However, Khalid plays one right in front of our eyes and we see through the dark lens of his perception that he is the monster, even when we know that he is not.

We may think that it is a silly idea to include a monster in a movie, but the producers of this movie have done an excellent job of bringing this thought into reality. This movie will make you mad and then make you feel better when you think about it later.

Muhammad and his family have some uncomfortable meetings with an evil businessman who wants them to loan him money and everything turns out to be a scam. Muhammad gets in trouble with Khalid and learns that Khalid has been lying about what he does.

Khalid is played by a very talented actor who is very good at playing villains. A great actor is someone who is not merely good at acting but the opposite. They need to be good at what they do but they cannot hide their talents.

Khalid is portrayed as a very noble type of guy. When he first meets Muhammad, he seems to want to help him out. This is true, and he acts as such, but he still must hide the fact that he is a con artist and Khalid is a thief.

Khalid is a popular myth in the Middle East. He is called Al-Khalid, a name derived from a word meaning a thing that gives gifts or favors. He has many enemies all over the world but he seems to be a commoner in every respect.

All in all Khalid’s movies are of high quality. He has a large role in the soon to be released “Get Shorty” starring Steve McQueen. The movie should be a big hit in America and the rest of the world.

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