Read This Book If You Have Cancer

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The man is a genius, but the man isn’t to be messed with, that’s for sure. Yes, you might get close with him and he might actually listen to what you have to say, but it will still take many years before you get to see the fruits of your labor.

Priyank Chopra

Think about how long it has taken you to believe the promises of other people. It would be an understatement to say that you have been disappointed by the time you are around forty years old. Priyank Chopra does not come along very often in that regard.

He is mostly, spiritual, religious people. His work is not all that much concerned with the physical world. One reason is that he believes that we need something outside of the system, like Kundalini energy. So, it seems that one may safely trust Priyank Chopra on this one.

Some of his books seem to do well because they touch on some aspect of the spiritual connection that are difficult to explain. One example is a book called The Secret of the Mind. The title alone is enough to entice a lot of people to look into this book, since the spiritual connections are almost always perceived as mysterious.

A very important point here is the mention of the Kundalini energy. It can be defined as the energy that flows in the subtle bodies. This energy has been linked to certain meditation techniques and more in-depth than you would expect.

A person could easily meditate on these acupressure points or even get them from a masseuse. What is more is that the book talks of a mystic known as David Sosalsky who was a healer, but his specialty was the use of acupressure points in healing energy, particularly Kundalini energy.

And the book talks about a series of exercises done by Sir George Hamilton Smith, which combines the use of acupressure points with Yoga postures to bring about more focus and more strength. These are indeed very important tools.

The book gives you a master list of the acupressure points and how to use them. It also talks about breathing techniques, which are always important, but the point of this book is that one should learn how to use these acupressure points in order to enhance their health and their ability to heal.

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