Top Ten Shows of the Next Decade

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With the year ahead for the biggest new shows of the century approaching, the genre has its top ten hottest shows of the next decade. With the onset of so many great new shows the format will only become more popular with younger audiences. Here are the top ten shows of the next decade.

Hottest Shows of 2020

The TV Dramas on the horizon is amazing. Next year is a big year for the genre. CBS is launching two of the most anticipated shows of the decade: “Undercover Boss”Criminal Minds.” Next year will also see the debut of “The Blacklist,” which has been the TV industry’s top drama.

The most exciting new show this year is the latest from “The Good Wife.” This adaptation of the legendary American drama by Robert Morse will not only continue to entertain fans, but bring in new viewers as well. The revival of “Law & Order: SVU” will remain one of the most popular shows in the industry.

“This Is Us” – “Game of Thrones” fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the premiere of this new drama that will bring back the high drama of the first seasons of the hit series.

“Stalker”State of Affairs” – Ratings for the two latest shows about the super-sized Hollywood are more than excellent, and they should enjoy a second season. CBS’ new comedy “The Odd Couple” is one of the season’s most talked about new shows.

The network has three new shows that should help deliver a strong viewing season. The above mentioned new series, as well as “The Mentalist “and “Blue Bloods “will probably be in the Top Ten shows of the future.

What is clear from these new shows is that the young audiences will not be leaving the television stations. The writers, directors and producers are simply too talented to give up on the genre. With the help of the networks, the producers and the actors, they are still going to produce some of the best shows that the world has ever seen.

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