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Many people think that Amazon Prime is the same as free shipping for members only but that’s not the case. If you are in business and have customers you should provide them with free perks just like Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime

When it comes to what perks you can offer on Amazon Prime, there are plenty. What kind of perks you choose will depend on the customer base that you are in. There are things that can be done by the customer in your community that will help you build your customer base.

One way that you can increase the number of people that are joining Amazon Prime is to sponsor a sporting event. This will get you more people coming in to purchase your products. You should always have sales at your sporting events to get more customers. It’s important to remember that sports are fun and are the perfect way to get people involved in your community.

You should also look into sponsoring a local school. Get the school to come to your location so that they can try some of your products. These types of programs will help you get new customers.

Another way that you can help the community is to do a local event that benefits a specific charity. You can do a food drive or a raffle at your event. The event will help to raise money for a good cause and it will draw people in that wouldn’t normally be in your area.

The best way to get customers that are not customers of Amazon is to get them involved with a contest. Your contest should attract the attention of people that are interested in what you are selling. If you don’t do this correctly, then you will struggle to sell your products.

Start by finding out what people in your community are interested in. Once you know this, find a contest that will interest them. Make sure that you have a compelling product and that you can sell it to your audience.

If you do this correctly, then you can bring in a community member as a customer or you can use them to start an online business of your own. Both of these things are possible and that’s the key to the success of your business. Amazon Prime is a great option for many small businesses and it’s also a great opportunity for people to get started in the online world.

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