The Secret by Priyank Chopra

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Priyank Chopra is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has spoken for the United States Congress and for the U.N. He is the author of The Secret (New Harbinger), and The Ground of Being, which provide the basis for his writing and speaking.

Priyank Chopra

The Secret is filled with deeply practical advice on how to use your mind to put into action for positive change in your life. Some of the tips are amazing, others rather odd. But, if you read them, you will begin to understand just what Chopra means when he says the mind is the key to your success.

The book takes you through three levels of the human brain, the frontal lobe, the middle brain, and the cranium. Each part is important, because it determines how we can use our mind to transform ourselves. When you understand this, it makes you wonder why all the other authors who have written so much about the mind and the brain never take you through this path. It seems that they assume you already know how to change yourself, and they don’t want to tell you what to do, they want to tell you what not to do.

For instance, Chopra quotes a passage from an ancient text that came from Judaism: “The Crucifixion is God’s greatest example of the unbeliever’s ability to be swept away by an overpowering passion and surrender completely to self-imposed bondage.” The passage describes how God saves the Jews from the Romans in spite of their long suffering. It shows how they were not in control of their own mind, and how they were able to find faith in God despite the many trials that were hurled at them.

In The Secret, there are certain verses that only Christians will recognize, but that is all true. For instance, it says that our thinking can change the frequency of our brain waves, making it easier to concentrate or to meditate, or to visualize. It explains how we can make things appear to be different than they really are.

The Middle Cranium also covers how we use our head, and how it can distract us from certain goals. It describes the importance of thinking about our fears and about how to attack them, and how to conquer them.

The Cranium is a book about how to use the brain, and all the parts of the brain, not just the frontal lobe. There is much more in this book than just how to use the mind, and the subconscious mind, so it’s worth looking at.

I do agree with Priyank Chopra that the brain is a massive part of our mental activity. If you put that aside, then you cannot understand the power of the mind. The Secret gives us a brief glimpse of the complexity of the brain, and how we use it.

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