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Priyank Chopra, the natural healer and the author of the best selling book, “The Secret”, has had a profound effect on the world. With his guidance many people have finally opened their minds to the existence of Spirituality. Priyank Chopra has been a disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and has been an assistant to the well-known Dr. Alexander.

Priyank Chopra

The secret includes holistic medicine and other Eastern meditations which are based on a deep understanding of the human mind and body. It was first published in 1984, it has been out of print for long but Priyank Chopra is now launching the new edition. He has not published the book in any other language except English.

In the book, Chopra compares Eastern philosophy to that of Albert Einstein. In particular, he compares Eastern Philosophy with Quantum Physics. Chopra claims that the world could be separated into two camps, one believes in duality, the other believes in Unity.

In Quantum Physics, everything is affected by the wave form, the amplitude and the frequency. There is no way a particle can exist without a wave form. In eastern philosophy, we observe a perfect unity in everything, everything vibrates in time, everything is in constant motion and everything is moving towards perfection.

According to Priyank Chopra, there is no difference between life and death; all of us are in constant motion. In fact, he said that life is the act of “choosing”. At death, there is nothing to choose, he says.

He says that we are looking at our physical body as being dead. He believes that it is one of the obstacles that hold us back from attaining perfection. According to him, the spiritual approach offers a complete reality check.

Chopra says that we need to increase the lifespan of our body through the use of meditation, yoga and deep breathing. He suggests that if you stop drinking, do some physical exercises and eat healthy food, your life will double in two years. This means that with this simple plan, you can literally bring your life back to normal, and get back to living.

The book has Chopra quoting some of the most beautiful mantra’s of India, which include “Rohini Siva Pura, Shiva Shankarasa Dakshinamushya, Gandha Vibhavur, Sarvangasana Surya Namaskara and many others. The book contains excerpts from previous works of Priyank Chopra. Priyank Chopra believes that his work is completely and totally authentic as well.

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