Assassin Khalid – Assassin Khalid’s Tips For Playing Part 2 of our Khalid Review

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In the previous two games I have reviewed, Khalid has been primarily used in conjunction with another character. This means that he has come off as a much more effective weapon than he has as a person. In this second installment of the game, Khalid will be asked to come off as a person by playing a more active role.


In the first game, which is Allah Akbar, we had Khalid making that statement that Allah Akbar was being declared. As such, Khalid is now being asked to come off as a person. This would seem to open up a much wider scope for the character, but the developers have kept it very much in tact.

There is a bit of a twist in the way this is done, however. You will find that you can have both a good and bad outcome when you play as Khalid.

If you choose to play the bad end of the spectrum, your character will end up having to deal with being assassinated. This could mean having to fight the killer in a heated battle, or it could mean having to survive longer than expected, having the killer get away or maybe even having to walk out of the game. However, if you choose to play Khalid as the good ending you are given a rather similar outcome.

The good end of the spectrum allows Khalid to have more choice. For example, you will have to deal with killing the assassin, or possibly avoiding them at all. Depending on how you play, you could also possibly have to make a choice to either come off as a person, or just play with some minor powers.

However, the reason you have to play Khalid as a person is that you are not a very good fighter. You need to make sure that you can do a great deal of damage to those who try to kill you before they are able to. In addition, if you decide to play Khalid as a person, it may be wise to leave some useful abilities in the slot.

Obviously, if you don’t play Khalid at all and instead play Osama, you can make Khalid have all the abilities you want. However, if you like Khalid as a person, you can get to experience more options as to what he can do. Thus, you might be able to take down the assassins without having to risk getting killed yourself.

One final note, there is one area where the two are different. That is with regards to the fighting mechanics.

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