How Will Super Bowl 2020 Compare to Super Bowl XXI?

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The Super Bowl will again have a huge following, thanks to the increase in marketing and advertisements that go into the big game. While that is great for advertisers, the big question is, how does Super Bowl 2020 compare to previous years?

Super Bowl 2020

If you’re looking for a comparison, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to compare Super Bowls from past years and look at how they compare to each other in terms of the number of commercials aired during the game. Of course, the greater the number of commercials on the screen, the higher the chance that the consumer has missed something while watching the game.

In terms of commercials aired during the Super Bowl, Super Bowl XXXIII was shown in 1999 and Super Bowl XLIII was shown in 2020. A few things to note about this comparison. First, many people don’t think about the start of the season, which is usually several weeks before the Super Bowl. Therefore, it may be easier to find a good example from that time period.

Secondly, most good examples are from games aired in prime time. That makes sense because, in that time frame, people are watching many other things during that time frame. They are also not accustomed to a full day of commercials.

Also, for each of these instances, we have a lot of commercials aired during the game. This often includes other ad formats and commercials. However, we are comparing numbers that are lower than those seen on recent Super Bowls. That is because commercials were often an afterthought on prior Super Bowls.

So in this case, you can easily make the argument that commercials were a point of pride in the days before social media, but many people would rather tune in to a game than a commercial. Additionally, if you use the internet to research the game and get detailed information on the key players, you may be able to find a number of commercials that have already aired.

In terms of raw numbers, Super Bowl XLIII was shown in 2020 and Super Bowl XXI was shown in 2020. A few more points to keep in mind when looking at this comparison: Super Bowl XLV was shown in 2020, Super Bowl XLVI was shown in 2020, and Super Bowl XLVII was shown in 2020.

These two examples are a great example for many different reasons. Next year is sure to bring new faces and advertising opportunities, so stay tuned!

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