Priyank Chopra – Psychic Author of “The Secret”

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When a movie star such as Sylvester Stallone watches “Primal Fear” by Priyank Chopra, he gets inspired to become a psychic and help people achieve inner peace. After winning an Oscar for his performance in the film, he continues to tour the world educating people about using their spiritual gifts. Priyank Chopra is the author of the popular books “The Secret”, “Awakening”, “Love Yourself”, “The Life Force”Mending Broken Hearts”. It was written with humor and openness in a way that anyone can understand.

Priyank Chopra

His books are a prime example of how powerful thoughts and images can create new realities. His book “The Secret” is a wonderful combination of mysticism and spirituality with a very interesting storyline. The themes are extremely universal and apply to almost everyone in the world, including children.

Anyone who knows anything about mysticism or spirituality has heard of those who have spiritual experiences such as seeing lights, hearing voices, sensing the presence or even the ability to channel their energy into work with animals, heal plants or use their intellect to receive messages from spirits. Priyank Chopra offers the person experiencing these new abilities the opportunity to learn how to become a psychic. He teaches the person how to find his or her own psychic energy and how to connect with the soul.

Like the other books by Priyank Chopra, “The Secret” discusses spiritual benefits of knowing the truth. The truth should not be hidden from one’s self; it should be openly discussed and affirmed. Anyone should be able to communicate with their Higher Self without becoming embarrassed or secretive.

This book focuses on healing the body and the mind of the individual. It does not focus on medicine, but rather helps the reader to unlock more of their potential. The methods and techniques used are simple and to the point. They will be familiar to many readers, but the explanation of the entire system will be a mystery to many.

Most readers may be amazed at the occult and metaphysical mysteries and ideas used by Priyank Chopra. This is not meant to scare people, but rather to show the reader how they can attain personal happiness and also what they need to be happy. Most people believe that they are evil, while some others do not. Priyank Chopra reminds us that everyone is capable of being happier.

Spiritual knowledge is a great gift to have, and it does not need to be expensive. “The Secret” is not an expensive book and its concept is readily available on the internet. The idea behind the book is that the true information cannot be explained, it can only be received.

Priyank Chopra offers insightful advice on both physical and emotional problems and he is not afraid to discuss the spiritual. He does not shy away from the sacred or he is anti-religious. He is a mystic of the highest caliber. Priyank Chopra works with both Hinduism and western spirituality and he can bring people together, help them heal and open their eyes to the divine.

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