The Book – Oprah is Not Your Average Smart Girl – This Book Proves it

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There are some people who think that Oprah Winfrey is not the most intelligent woman that ever lived. They think that she is somehow an outcast in the public’s eye. In reality, Oprah Winfrey is an amazingly intelligent and self-confident woman.


In fact, there is a new book called “The Secret”, by Oprah herself, that discusses how she was able to get away with being such a “bad girl” all her life and yet remain such a successful business woman. The book explains how she kept her image under wraps in order to be a successful business woman and how she did it. You can read the entire book online at

But before we discuss the book itself, we will talk about a movie that comes out soon starring Oprah Winfrey called “Oscar, follow me”. This movie stars Amy Adams as Oprah, Keanu Reeves as Oscar and Heather Graham as Julia. They are from Boston and they both worked together on this movie.

This movie is also about the two sisters that are from Boston and they live at the same house as Obama and Michelle. They both come from a very wealthy family and their father was a millionaire. However, they feel that they have done very well for themselves, but they always feel sorry for the poor people who live around them.

They feel that they need to change that and the movie reflects that in their behavior toward the people that are around them. They spend all their time in the White House looking out for the American people and they are constantly trying to help the poor around them.

In “The Secret”, Oprah explains in detail how she was able to get away with being such a “bad girl” all her life and yet remain such a successful business woman. In fact, she mentions that she managed to turn her problems into opportunities by telling herself to get up in the morning and to make sure that she was “positive and not negative”. She says that she put her problems on the shelf for good.

In the end of the book, she states that she was able to become successful by thinking that her own happiness was more important than any others. In order to keep a positive attitude and to become successful, she had to learn how to think that way.

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