“The Master of the House” Trailer Review

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“The Master of the House” is a film about a fictional character, which we find is based on the real life hijacker Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The story revolves around his life from his childhood till his time in prison. This movie shows how he was caught by the FBI and has always remained strong and committed to the ideals of Islam. The viewer will experience him as a complex person who changed over the years.


We learn about the man as he is growing up in the Arabian state of Saudi Arabia, where the people is one of the most religious. We watch how he is constantly influenced by his religious and cultural upbringing. He learns to respect men who have shown their faith and leadership.

The scene about people supporting him is also an important aspect. This is one of the reasons why he is able to become so popular. We also get to learn about the basic aspect of Islam and how it is practiced at home.

We are also shown how he has changed the way he behaves and does not follow the footsteps of many other terrorists. At first he chooses only a few of them to follow and he does not allow them to follow any rituals. It also shows that his friends actually enjoy his choice.

In this movie, we learn about how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed started to think about jihad. His studies were only about fighting and killing. Later, he wanted to change and make this a global issue. This, in fact, is what we see when he starts to talk about peace.

We know that the viewers will find the movie to be very eye-opening. This is because it will give them a better understanding of the mind of a terrorist. They will also get to learn how people around him have supported him.

We also learn about how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed saw the film, “The Master of the House” to be an excuse for him to stay alive. He planned on leaving the country after the movie because he realized that he would never go back and fight.

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