Scandalous Stars: Rupert Graves, Gary Oldman

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In Khalid, one of the most popular detective shows on TV, Harry “Bald Head” Darby (Rupert Graves) is an extremely large man with a thick American accent and bad breath. It’s a good thing that “Bald Head” has a sense of humor, or this would be a very dark series. A British spy named Denton Pearson (Gary Oldman) tries to help Harry in his case, which involves the disappearance of Khalid, the king’s son, who has run away from home with the intention of marrying a rich woman. He turns out to be not what he seems, however, and no matter how Harry and Denton try to work out what he is, it doesn’t change anything.


In “The Good Cop,” Khalid’s faithful servant and bodyguard Boon “Boon” Bob is very attractive, however she actually has several husbands who have been hurt by her love for Khalid. Luckily, Harry (Graves) happens to be Khaleem’s best friend, and he promises to find Khalid so he can fight for Khalid’s honor. All is not right in Khalid, however, as one of the women he married was his own mother! Soon Harry will have to put the two pieces of a puzzle together, even if they come from completely different worlds.

Khalid and Boon try to find some connection between the new woman in Khalid’s life and the old woman in Boon’s past, but it is really more than a coincidence that both women have disappeared from a similar place, and two suspects who are also missing from Khalid’s home town. If Harry finds out that Khalid is hiding a deeper secret, then he could put him in hot water – just as he did with Boon’s wife who disappeared years ago when she was dying of cancer.

In “The Bad Cop,” Harry takes Khalid and Boon out to a local bar to spend some time together. However, Khalid soon develops a bad case of mistaken identity when he sees the bartender staring at him, while Boon is spying on Harry. The two must work together to discover who is spying on them, who is out to destroy Khalid, and what Khalid may be hiding from them.

In “The Inspector,” Harry is still trying to track down Khalid, but he can’t seem to find any leads, or have any luck. That is, until he is assigned to Boon’s sister and Boon’s niece, who happen to know a lot about Khalid. Their combined investigative skills lead to an unfortunate discovery of who is really stalking Khalid, and what they may be planning for the man who was once loved by everyone.

In “The Boss,” Khalid is still searching for his daughter, but he also continues to feel guilty that he doesn’t recognize the situation at hand. When Harry (Graves) and Boon (Gary Oldman) discover that the lady in the store is indeed Boon’s own mother, the two go on a manhunt to find her, and Harry must find a way to win Khalid’s trust. Though Khalid and Boon make their way into Boon’s sister’s house, they are found out, and both men are arrested.

In “The Doctor,” Harry must figure out a way to get the chief of police to believe that Khalid’s mother is dead, and he’ll need a lawyer, of all things, to do it. However, she had been laid up for a while, and he’ll need someone who knows how to get through Khalid’s thick-skin, before he gets to the truth.

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