How to Integrate the Amazon Prime Program Into Your Business Team

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There’s no denying that the Amazon Prime membership is one of the best ways to start a direct-to-consumer business. But do you know the pros and cons of joining this program? Do you know what it will cost you in addition to your initial Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime

It may seem counterintuitive, but the main reason that is why your favorite department store is paying some people more than you are to run your business on the Internet, is because they don’t have to worry about being sued by the major retailer they are already working with. There is no lawsuit for the Amazon affiliate, because you aren’t being sued. You can make your own rules regarding how you choose to operate your business and your product line.

Everyone knows that you will only be happy if you have all the time in the world to enjoy your team work with your team. So how can you give your team members the time they need and deserve to have? How can you make sure that your team members are put in the best positions to run your business? The answer is to integrate the Amazon Prime program into your marketing team.

As a team leader, you are the one that is responsible for the team. Therefore, you are the one that should determine who is paid to be in your team. And I’m not talking about just any employee. I’m talking about the Prime team member that you specifically chose for your team.

So when you’re looking at the competition, ask yourself if they are on your list of people that are willing to work for less or for free. If they are not, then it is time to recruit them. However, if they are, you can allow them to work on other aspects of your business to make your team a success.

Now, what if they want to be paid more? As I’ve said, this is not a matter of which team member will get paid more. Your goal should be to hire the right person and give them the amount of hours that they need to run your business. As a team leader, you must keep track of everything that you give them.

As you continue to run your business and you hire the right person to help you run your business, make sure you keep track of the amount of hours that they actually work. Once you get to the point where they are making less hours than the Amazon Prime, that’s the time to decide to move on. It will be much easier to handle when the team members work at the right hours, then when they run around half past due.

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