The Realness of Khalid From 24

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We never really learn the truth about Khalid from the show “24”, unless we watched the first half of the show, or perhaps he did kill the CIA’s President. It’s a crime without doubt, and I think the other cast had a lot to do with that too.


Here’s a little tidbit I can’t shake off from a recently released DVD of the show. The CIA has a very interesting target, which is a local mafia boss and he’s been in this town since the 80’s, and is almost untouchable. They wanted to get him so badly they hired some totally unsavory characters to come in and kill him so they could get the valuable information that they needed.

No one even knows who all the bad guys in this show are, it’s a very shady operation. Who knows if he did really kill that Mafia Boss? Maybe it was the CIA, and they made that mistake.

One of the best aspects of the show, and the only reason it’s so good, is Khalid. When he came on the show he had this unique sort of bravado, that when he’s nervous or had a problem, he would stand up and make his point, and if he was right, the job was done. If he didn’t have this special ability to walk off the set of the show while the crew made fun of him, we would have stopped watching and left for another show.

Everyone always talks about how great this show is, but to me it’s mostly because it’s not boring. There’re a lot of blood and a lot of scenes of people dying, but there’s something to be said for those moments. You want to see some tension build, you want to see people take chances, and sometimes this show just pulls it off.

The best part of the showis James Bond, and it doesn’t surprise me that they let him be involved. Most of the rest of the cast has been cast for one reason or another, and James Bond seems to have been the one that actually inspired them to continue. They seem to enjoy being in this part of the world, and also enjoy the parts they play.

I don’t think this was supposed to be a get-rich-quick scheme, but it turns out that way when you’re into it. This show is an interesting blend of spy movies, and TV shows, and it definitely has its own charm and personality, as well as some really powerful sequences.

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