Khalid Darhk – What Makes a Warrior? Part 1

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In this new Star Trek comic book, we have seen our favorite Klingon warrior Khalid in action. His status as a strong character is the basis for the question, what makes a warrior?


So when Khalid starts out, he has black hair and a little more to the body than just the thick arms and shoulders. The character of Khalid was very popular at the time of the first Star Trek cartoon, and we have seen a few more of these characters in the series, such as the now long-time Captain Decker (Gene Roddenberry) and an alien named the Doctor (Brent Spiner).

The character’s popularity is based on his many appearances in a Hollywood blockbuster. The movie Starship Troopers is the one where we see how much fun this character can be. Star Trek fanatics can also identify with some of his character traits, such as the heroic first impression that Khalid has.

Khalid’s face is distinctive. He has several variations that come into play, like his crewmembers, the other Klingons, and of course his animalistic warrior mode. When he uses his device in battle, his facial expression is very serious. In his personal life, he often insults those around him.

His previous exploits as a soldier suggest that he does not like being in command. He talks about how he was no good with orders, and how he thinks that his crew members simply follow orders without thinking. He can be pretty tough.

The first entry of this comic book series has already caused some controversy, as the issue itself is not as popular as the movie. The characters were dressed and looked a little too much like Lieutenant Joseph Carey, another of my favorite characters in the Star Trek films. But then, the box art is all different, and it looks a lot more like that iconic Lieutenant.

One thing is certain, we have seen Khalid’s adventures, and we know that he is a powerful character. When he is captured by the Enterprise crew, will he betray them?

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