How Do You Get The Most From Your Marketing Efforts With Netflix?

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While other companies were spending billions of dollars on television commercials, Netflix was putting out one in a single day. But just how did they do it?


While it is impossible to replicate the amount of advertising that the company had during prime time spot, they managed to make themselves a lot of air time. The industry had started to become saturated with commercials and infomercials and so many people were becoming bored with them. That is why Netflix decided to take the approach of using other methods of promotion in order to keep their subscribers coming back to the service.

All they needed to do was focus on what they do best and that is to give viewers something good to watch instead of the fact that they are getting negative attention. Sure they would talk about movies but that is about it. They were able to reach a lot of people by putting out the wrong kind of ads. But they knew that by focusing on the opposite of what their competitors were doing, they would draw in a lot of attention.

In order to do this, they started posting reviews on online reviews and forums. If you wanted to learn about the kind of movie you can see or how good a movie is, then you can look at the online reviews first and not just the reviews on the net.

This is when they came up with the idea of making reviews of the right kind. What they did is by creating a number of well-reviewed movies on the site, they would put them in front of their target audience, which is that group of people who likes to watch movies. But they would have a section in the movie reviews that talked about the movie itself.

This was a wonderful way of marketing themselves because if you didn’t like it, then you would have to pay for it. In order to create buzz about the movie, they would post several reviews that are positive. These reviews would be posted on various websites, so the reviews would get spread around on the internet.

There were people who would subscribe to the service and love the movies that they got access to. This way, Netflix was able to generate a lot of good will for themselves which eventually lead to more paying customers.

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