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Khalid, Shahid and Monia are a few of the known aliases of the lawyer named Khalid Madani. He used to be a well-known public defender in Lahore but lost his license to practice law when he was caught cheating on a client. The act has embarrassed him deeply and he is very depressed about it. The people who witnessed the happenings and helped in this he says to me were very kindhearted and charitable.


He joined a civil rights lawyer and worked under him for many years. He got very much experience and the license to practice was granted. His inborn talent was used to a great extent as he used his knowledge to the best of his abilities and became a well-known lawyer. In fact, he was given the honor of being the first lawyer from Pakistan to receive the Doctorate degree in Law from Harvard University. Unfortunately, it seems that this honour was marred by infidelity charges against him.

Despite his success and achievements, the famous lawyer Khaldar Khan continued to follow a criminal defense lawyer. However, he decided to start his own firm to be independent. He liked to take the case of wrongdoers and provided them the appropriate remedy. This practice was successful and the clients and his employers appreciated his dedication and work ethic. He took his name to get more clients.

Khaldar Khan is also the founder of the Society for the Advancement of Justice. He has a keen interest in the advancement of mankind and in this regard he owns a few hotels in Lahore. He is a founding member of the Lahore Bar Association and a member of the Supreme Court Bar Council.

Recently, Khan got to know about the happenings in his home country. He was troubled by the way that men were abusing their women and children. He decided to act for the sake of the women and to find out ways to protect them. He started a foundation for protecting women and children from abuse. He found himself in an embarrassing situation when his wife filed for divorce and approached the same court which dismissed her application.

He tried to present his case to the law board but failed because he could not understand the language. This eventually led to a bitter fight between Khan and his wife in court.

Khan decided to use his power as a lawyer to put an end to this ugly situation. He approached the law board and prepared himself for a long battle with his wife. In the end, the court asked him to send his wife to a shelter home and ordered him to provide her with counseling.

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