The Descendants

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The male protagonist of the 2020 film The Descendants, George Clooney, is the long lost son of a maid who had given her name to his grandfather. Khalid (played by Matt Damon) is the middle brother, who was taken by his mother from his father.


The reason that Khalid left his home and family is because he did not get along with his mother and sister. He ended up living in the desert for a period of time and he was then rescued by George Clooney’s character and he has been living in America ever since.

Both of these characters have been nominated for Oscars. This is surprising because in real life, neither of them are related to each other. However, in this context, they are seen as father and son.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the screenwriter of the film, Mr. David Drayton is “seizing the opportunity to cast Clooney as a teenager who lives with his mother after his father leaves him.” This adds to the excitement of the film as the two worlds meet and collide. The female lead of the film is Alicia Vikander who is a part of the Danish royal family.

Glenn Beckham plays the role of Abdullah, the ruthless Iraqi leader and has won an Oscar for his portrayal of Omar Bakri Muhammad, a journalist who was killed by George Bush. The plot of the film is that both of these men are enemies who have fallen out of love.

They meet during the Oscar ceremony and this incident also plays a part in the movie. The two actors that play their roles in the film have an impressive acting experience and this is reflected in their acting in the film.

Infact, Mira Sorvino who plays Rachel makes the perfect British actress as Miranda Cohen plays Rachel. This adds to the realism of the movie and gives the audience a chance to connect with George Clooney’s character.

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