Oprah’s Dream – See Some of the Most Famous and Historic Places in the World

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When Oprah Winfrey says that her dream is to visit all the famous and historic places in the world, most people think that she is speaking about visiting the United States. Unfortunately, Oprah isn’t as far off her words as some believe her to be, because there are many places throughout the world that Oprah can visit that would make her dream come true.


Oprah is obviously aware of many other famous and historic cities in the world, such as Beijing, Rome, Paris, London, Washington D.C., and many more. She could visit these places over again if she wanted to.

In fact, she could visit nearly any city in the world while traveling alone or with her husband Jay Leno. That’s because there are dozens of places in the world that Oprah can visit. She could visit a few cities at a time and then go back to where she started from to make one big trip.

However, Oprah doesn’t do that because the millions of dollars that she receives from her show could easily cover the cost of all of the places she could visit. If Oprah were to visit as many places as possible in one trip, she’d run out of money before she could visit all the places she wanted to. That’s why the most likely location that Oprah will visit on her upcoming trip is Las Vegas.

Oprah will visit Las Vegas, if she chooses to do so because it’s one of the few places that is both big and popular enough to keep people coming back year after year. Las Vegas has several different bars and clubs to choose from, and it also has one of the best hotels around to keep Oprah entertained when she’s there.

Even though it’s not the place Oprah wants to visit, if she does visit Las Vegas she will want to spend some time in the hotel. Even though there’s nothing special to see inside the hotel, it does have plenty of places for her to visit. The restaurants are great, the entertainment is good, and she could possibly find some nice places to stay while she’s there.

Other than the famous tourist attractions, Oprah is going to have a great time in Las Vegas. It’s one of the best places in the world to be. She will get to see some of the coolest tourist attractions in the world, including the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and the famed Las Vegas Strip.

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