Skyfall, Rated R, is a Great Story About Family and Faith

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Khalid’s world is totally different from our own. He lives in a community called Low Town, where he is the elder and hence is responsible for the spiritual well-being of his people. This community has grown as he has grown, and in the process his daughter, Mary, came along.


The main reason for this particular religious sect is because when he became older he had a weak organ that made it hard for him to speak. Thus, Mary was born. She is gifted with intellect and is pretty smart, as she has spent her entire life in her father’s home.

Though she has been to school, her family struggles with her education, as they can not afford to send her to a private school. They must make do with what they can get, and she is capable of learning with the help of Khalid’s books.

She is an orthodox religion, but is a believer in the Koran and the Islamic faith. After all, all the life of a woman is with Allah and that makes this a difficult experience for her.

The story begins with Khalid being away on a business trip and gets his memories interrupted by a vision of a young man. He arrives at his daughter’s home and finds out that she has gone through a tragic accident and needs his help.

In a very touching moment, he learns that his daughter is trapped in a tornado, and there is nothing he can do about it except pray for her safety. Khalid and Mary team up to find a way to bring her home safely.

Not only are they given a heartwarming story, but the entire cast has charisma. Each one has their own unique skill set, and with their charming personalities it does not take long to fall in love with them. So with this great movie, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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