Khalid Abdullah the Man in Charge

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Khalid is a vast place. The king of the Arabs is far more than just a great military commander, tactician, diplomat, and religious scholar. It is the King’s vision for his homeland, derived from the many elements that comprise its culture and lifestyle.


Khalid believes in the “Golden Chain,” a combination of strong familial and social ties – including marriage, kinship, and business – that make the ideal environment for growth and prosperity. He also believes in the institution of marriage, the principles of family, and the value of tribal allegiance. Many of these factors lead to his values.

Khalid has had a long association with the Dawa in his country of origin, Saudi Arabia. He has visited this nation many times and has built a strong relationship with many of its leaders. Khalid believes strongly in the idea of unity among Muslims, including Christians, as well as Jews and other nationalities. This is why he was honored by the World Jewish Congress for his years of service in this group.

There is a period of time in Khalid’s childhood, when his mother was a successful businesswoman, Harith Bakhash. Khalid was taught the lessons of taking care of business ethics from her. This helped shape his own approach to leadership and continued into his later career.

It is in this respect that Khalid has found his deepest connection with Dawa leaders and their ideals. The public image that the organization projects is one of peace and tolerance. They have always tried to live up to the ideals that have been ingrained in him since his childhood. This is a common theme among all the people involved in Dawa.

However, they arenot the only ones who have that reverence and trust for King Abdullah. His younger brother, Prince Abdulaziz, has always been one of the most influential figures in the country. His high level of approval among the people makes it easy for Khalid to maintain his inner integrity.

Khalid is now busy in shaping his kingdom into a city on the same plane as its people. He has opened up the country to foreign investment and international culture. He has encouraged religious freedoms and individual freedom in all of his subjects. However, this is still a work in progress, and he must work diligently to ensure that his kingdom does not fall behind in the world.

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