The Hot Shows of 2020

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Can you guess what the hottest shows of 2020 are? The answer may surprise you, especially since you didn’t think that there would be a summer of hot shows, especially when you watched the eighties. However, it’s true that this decade is truly a top-tier, hot show where the production values are stunning and the stars never fail to deliver.

Hottest Shows of 2020

Summer of 2020 is full of shows with bigger casts than the eighties. They are more confident in their material, which in turn means that they can compete head to head with the most popular shows of the twenty-first century. With so many dramas and comedies in play, producers and directors are able to expand the storylines that can only be solved through multiple takes. Big budget, giant stars and great script writing are what they look for when they are looking for the hottest shows of 2020.

This is a time where everyone wants to have their own story or show and compete against the original story of yesterday. During this era, most of the original stories can also be adapted to form a series to compete against the best ever shows on television.

These adaptations can feature 10-episode seasons and end up running at six hours a piece. A pilot episode may take just thirty minutes and feature live cast, some voice over performances, costumes and makeup that are done by professionals, and no special effects in sight.

Seasoning off the pilots and paying producers to create shows based on their hit series from the eighties will put together some of the hottest shows of 2020. Most are held back until their writers get their work out the door in the fall.

By the end of this summer, a lot of people will be surprised at what they watch when they tune into television. What makes a show hot in the summer of 2020 is the way in which the story is told and the casting that the producers have.

The original story and casting that can never be replicated during the rest of the year can keep the season one of hot shows of 2020 to the high wire of reality and make a lot of heads turn when they see a character that they recognize. What makes the characters so special in the summer of 2020 are the challenges that have been faced and the differences that have created the atmosphere that surrounds those who’ve lived through some of the most turbulent times in human history.

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