Ten Top Shows of 2020

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These are the hottest shows of 2020. On television, you might have seen some familiar shows and movies, but will you be able to identify which are hot and which are not? We are here to help. Here is the very basic look at the top hottest shows of the next decade.

Hottest Shows of 2020

The movie you know as “The Lord of the Rings” and the other movie you heard of, which you have never even seen, will be your Avengers of the next decade. You’ve seen them in all the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but this is something different. They are much more realistic in their depiction of Middle Earth. This movie was “The Hobbit” of its time and are one of the best fantasy films ever made. It would be difficult to imagine this movie without the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Perhaps a little late in the day, but the cast of “Spartacus” should still be considered among the hottest. There are several reasons why this is the case. First of all, all of the cast members are really good. That includes Zachary Quinto, who won an Oscar for his performance.

It’s well known that the cast of “Game of Thrones” is responsible for the current boom in horse sex. Sure, you can say it started with the show and was brought to the world by the casting choices of George R.R. Martin, but that couldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication of the cast of “Game of Thrones.” So, if you are interested in the sex lives of horses, this is your opportunity to be in on the fun. And, when it comes to fandom, no fandom is hotter than the cast of “Game of Thrones.”

Jodie St. Clair is a new name to some, but she is quickly becoming a household name. She is also a friend of the “Downton Abbey” family, so it will be interesting to see what she does with this opportunity. However, as with so many new faces, she is likely to bring along some baggage that she didn’t need, causing her to struggle with her first few seasons. But, if her relationship with the family on “Downton Abbey” continues, then Jodie will probably remain a staple of the public consciousness.

Who knows, but we could be looking at a return to fashions, again. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, fashions mean clothing and style. In other words, it means the way a man or woman dresses, to highlight certain traits or skills. As fashion trends have changed over the last few decades, so has clothing styles. The scene, and the characters, remain in play, but it may not be the sexiest aspect of the series.

With the hotness of the shows listed above, you’ll want to find your own spot on the list. After all, the shows listed below are just a sampling of the hottest shows of 2020.

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