Omar Sheikh and Kamal Khan Bring Amazing Performance

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In a movie, Khalid Abbas is one of the most important characters. Khalid is a professional spy who became a victim of a brutal terrorist act. So you can imagine how important it is for the Western world to protect him.

Kamal brings a lot of complexity to the original concept of the movie. In the first place, he is portrayed as a smooth talker. That is in contrast to the character played by Abul Nasser. His role is actually one of the main reasons why the film is so good. This is because all the actors are very talented.

The strength of the performance of Kamal lies in his skills and ability to convince others. You would see him on stage as an actor and at the same time you could also see him in front of a camera as an actor. He might make him look really good but you cannot deny the fact that he is a natural performer.

Kamal is very effective in presenting the main theme of the film. He plays the role of a fanatic with a hidden agenda against the government. It is a brilliant performance by Kamal that makes the audience laugh at his numerous outrageous jokes.

Now another important factor which brings out the best performance is the working with Naif. This is because Naif also has to portray a very delicate role of a man of the organization.

The performance of the two leads have a direct correlation with the portrayal of their character. It is very amazing that people have given their praises to this duo after seeing their acting performances.

In conclusion, we would recommend this film for any fan of dramas. You can watch this film anytime you want. If you are looking for something different then go ahead and get the film.

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