How Has Khalid and Abdul Led to Such a success?

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Through the years, Khalid and Abdul can be seen on screen playing opposite one another in “American Idol”Chef.” The two have been teaming up together for some time as a team of very talented chefs.


Perhaps one of the reasons for Khalid’s success is the fact that he has worked with different people throughout his career. While working at Per Se in New York, he worked with high-profile chefs such as Thomas Keller, Chris Shepherd, and David Chang. As far as working with chefs in his area of influence go, these chefs were some of the best in the industry at the time.

Khalid started out as a waiter and quickly moved into the kitchen in Per Se. It was at Per Se that he began learning how to cook. He credits this step for being one of the most important. Starting in the kitchen was an important first step towards becoming a chef.

Khalid currently works at a place called the Get Down and Thirsty, a favorite restaurant in his area of Brooklyn. This is a great restaurant that he is proud to work for because it shows him what a great chef he is and has helped him advance in the culinary industry.

Most people have a short memory in regards to a lot of the information and items that are mentioned on the radio show, “The Eiffel Tower.” But Khalid is taking things to a whole new level. When this show first started, Khalid was in the kitchen with a metal band and a drink. He has now gotten so comfortable in the kitchen that he has even found himself to be a bit of a blues musician as well.

Khalid and Abdul may be one of the best team that you could ever find. Not only is the talented on their own, but their collaboration with Khalid is fantastic. Khalid is a very talented chef that he shares with the world every night on television and in the magazine.

Khalid and Abdul have become as popular as people might think they would be in today’s food scene. Khalid is the top of the list as far as who is the number one musical group of this type of celebrity chef.

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