Khalid from House of Saddam – Do You See a Burning Koran?

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You’re getting ready to see Khalid from House of Saddam. He’s like that boy from America who would make a cute ad campaign: he’s so desperate to win over America he’s willing to do pretty much anything to win! Fortunately, the audience will be made up of Americans, so he can be used as the bad guy, and they will have some work to do making sure we do not become too involved with the TV sitcom version of Iraq.


The number of videos that show people rushing for their lives and running away from a giant burning Koran is growing daily. I don’t want to see these types of images as we fight to prevent a nuclear Iran. If these things happen, it will just make Iran stronger, which is the last thing we need.

Please explain to me, Khalid, why we are now jumping on the bandwagon of allowing others to post pictures of the burning Koran? What’s so great about doing this? We will look foolish if we do this and have the Islamic world say: “We had nothing to do with those actions. We have nothing to hide.”

The reality is that there is nothing we can do about it until a new administration turns over. So here’s my question to you, Khalid, since you’re probably watching this video and not deleting it…what do you see when you look at a burning Koran? In other words, is it peace, or does it remind you of an ant hill with all the black ants on it?

Whatever your answer, I think it is clear that Saddam Hussein is at war with the U.S. and its allies and he is planning a ground invasion of Kuwait. We have to stop him before he reaches Kuwait, and we must stop him before he crosses the Iraqi border and our troops are in harm’s way.

Shouldn’t the media begin pushing for another attack on Korriban? It’s all part of the Arab strategy to take out the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Will you please just think about this and let me know your thoughts? Until then, it is time to have that discussion with your colleague on the Committee.

Our security in the Middle East will only be as strong as the messages from the senior American leadership, and that includes Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Khalid, we can use your information against you. Please consider this in 2020. Please consider all this in 2020.

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