Best Books of the Arabian Nights

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In Arabian Nights, Khalid goes to visit the legendary Queen of Sheba in Africa. This book introduces us to the more renowned and popular hero of the Arabian Nights, Ibn Batuta. He explains how he became one of the greatest artists that the Arab world has ever seen.


Khalid’s adventures help show the brutality and terror that the Arabs had faced with King Jahdi of the Warring Kingdoms. The Arabian Nights book seems to portray a very good story line for a young boy. It is this book that introduced Khalid to his true love, Heda, who would later become his wife. The book also provided Khalid with more experience on how to make money in the early years and what he should not do.

Ibn Batuta’s book helps us understand why the Arabs started their wars against the Warring Kingdoms. The main points of this book are that the Arabs as a whole and the tribes they lived with suffered from slavery and theft by the local people. After the Arabs took the throne, they started attacking and plundering the neighbouring people.

The book then goes on to describe how the later of the kings Khalid went to visit the legendary Queen of Sheba, that is depicted in the very first page of the Arabian Nights book. The two eventually married and worked together as mercenaries.

This is what really happened when Khalid asked the man named Muwak (Malik ibn Abd al Aziz), if he would join his service. But later on, he used Khalid’s war of aggression to gain power and glory for himself. For this he was banished to Abyssinia, where he stayed until the introduction of the Islamic Kingdom.

There were many Arabian Nights books which featured the later of King Ibn Sad Ibn al Harith Ibn Saud (Abu Bakr) that’s why I did a search on the Internet to get the rest of the stories. I was delighted when I found out that I could read these Arabian Nights books online free.

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