Some of Oprah’s Most Memorable Speeches

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Oprah is one of the most popular talk show hosts in the world. She is a talented television personality, inspirational speaker, and author. Oprah’s best known hit book, The Audacity to Be, has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.


Oprah’s show is on the Bravo network. It is also the longest running reality TV show in history. Oprah is known for speaking her mind without reservation, from racism, racism to her own struggles with her weight. And she has no qualms about using her platform to make a difference.

Oprah gained her fame through a successful career as a life coach. But it’s her keynote speeches and her speaking engagements that have made her the most successful ever. She is famous for saying things like, “I am the only person in the room who matters.” Some of her most memorable speeches have included:

When Oprah was in the running for The Tonight Show, she gave a speech about public appearances. She told the story of how her mother was planning on selling her photo albums when Oprah and her mother met. Her mother was willing to give Oprah her old albums for a nominal price but Oprah decided to have her own photo albums instead. This helped Oprah get a head start on her career and led to her title as the Queen of All Media.

Oprah organized a conference in Jamaica to support AIDS education. She recruited John Legend and others to speak at the conference. Some of her speeches have included:

It would not be an Oprah’s Show without a health issue. Her first health conference was held in her hometown of Indianapolis. A child was dying of HIV. There were several other speakers at the conference and a local reporter from The Indianapolis Star was there to report on the event. There were no costumed characters at the conference, just Oprah.

Oprah’s conference was a huge success. It made headlines around the world and helped raise millions of dollars for HIV/AIDS research.

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