Will the Super Bowl Game Be Played in Charlotte, North Carolina?

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Is the next Super Bowl coming soon? The answer is yes, if you believe that, and there is a very good chance that you are right. Super Bowl XXIX was won by the Carolina Panthers in Carolina, North Carolina, the same city where the Carolina Panthers play their home games. So, is there a large probability that this Super Bowl will be played in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Super Bowl 2020

First of all, that is not the main reason. However, you have to think about that possibility and then see how far it is from being likely. It has been an average Super Bowl every year.

Then there is another possibility, which is that the Super Bowl will not be played at all. With the Big East gets destroyed over the last two years, which left Duke and Louisville as the only remaining member schools, it would make sense that the Super Bowl will not be played. The ACC might instead get the rights to the All Star game.

What would be the main reason for this decision? Probably the ACC would not want to use the name “The ACC” since it has the name “The Big East” listed on its website. Thus, the conference would not want to lose the “Big East” name.

As for the game being played in Charlotte, Carolina, there is a very good chance that it will not be there. For one thing, Charlotte is a very large city, and Charlotte has not had a professional football team for many years.

A very large field would be needed for a Super Bowl, and Charlotte does not have such a field. Besides, Charlotte is already going through a great economic downturn, which is why the city has been in decline for many years. If a Super Bowl was to be played there, it would only go to show how bad the economy is going to be.

In other words, there is a great doubt that the Super Bowl will be played. Of course, this could change, but I am betting that it will not be the Super Bowl.

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