The Four Characters – Muhammed (Khalid), Javed (Sunil), Mukhtar (Jawani)

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No writer can come up with a screenplay without using some conceptual elements that become prominent in their work. Here are some of the concepts that make a big impact on the story.


The major role played by Khalid in the story is the hero. The scene in which he approaches Marwan is highly pivotal as it is where he becomes his own hero. The characterization of him is such that he has come to live in the mud hut.

Khalid had come to have a heart problem after an altercation with his wife. His family thought that he might not be able to get well even after passing out from the hospital. But, when he had drunk poison to solve his problem, his body failed to wake up and he died in the hospital. His wife blamed her son and threatened to hang him if he knew what happened.

Marwan found himself helpless at the hands of the parents of his wife. So, he asked for Khalid’s help. Khalid had come to know that his daughter was in trouble because of Marwan. He offered his aid for the sake of his family love.

Sunil was in need of a job after losing his job. The film portrayed his behavior as his willingness to do whatever he had to do just to get a job. There is no doubt that Marwan was the hero. However, we never see Marwan till the very end.

Javed, like his name suggests, was Javed who was born in Karachi. He was not a very popular figure at the time. A very well known character of the film is that of Javed.

The part of Mukhtar was played by Jawani. His character was very prominent and made the film successful. Jawani’s humor gave the film a wonderful appeal. This was not a star-making role for him, but Jawani played it well.

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