Hot Shows of 2020

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Television news isn’t very high on the list of life’s most exciting things to do, but it could be in the very near future. The demand for news shows is increasing rapidly, and there are a few hot ones that you should be watching. Keep these in mind for the big day.

Hottest Shows of 2020

ABC News: This news network is probably the only network that has at least one show that you’d want to watch. You’ve heard the ratings, but ABC is surprising everyone with its weekly Top 10 List, and frequently has an impressive guest list to boot. People watch top shows to see who will be interviewed on their particular program, and ABC has done just that. Watch Anderson Cooper’s show if you want to know the big story, or perhaps George Stephanopoulos’ Report if he wants to explain how the sausage gets made. Don’t forget “World News Tonight,” a version of ABC’s flagship news program that serves as a domestic counterpart to “Nightline.”

Comedy & Entertainment: Probably the best thing to do on a Saturday night is to watch a couple of comedies. If you’re wondering why they call them that, the funny shows are basically people sitting around, laughing at nothing and occasionally feeling sad. It can be funny in a way that has nothing to do with politics, so if you’re interested in just having a good time, it can be easy to watch several of these shows.

Sports News: Men and women’s sports are always in style, and this is why women’s sports are always the best sellers in bookstores. Women’s basketball and baseball also do well at the box office, so you have plenty of reasons to buy the tickets. Baseball highlights might not appeal to everyone, but if you want to catch the game live, see the stars pitch. Even if you don’t love the team, you’ll still have fun reading about their battles and triumphs.

Human Interest: Even if you don’t follow the news very closely, you’re likely familiar with stories like election results and getting up to date on big news events will make your day much more enjoyable. A short history of a major event or a news story about that famous actor and their daughter would also be very interesting. If you have questions about human rights and privacy issues, it’s possible to follow the work of an international organization that deals with these topics. For this, you might also want to check out the weekly issue of a magazine that features real-life stories from around the world.

News: There are many places to find news that doesn’t fit into the category above. What’s your favorite crime drama? What’s your favorite show about politics and culture? Who’s writing the next novel in a famous author’s history? All of these are hot topics in their own right, but you might also find other news that you didn’t even know existed.

These are just a few ideas that you might want to look into for your next fun evening on television. So that’s one thing that you definitely can’t miss!

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