10 Reasons Why I Like the TV Series Homeland

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In the first episode of this HBO series, The Fall, we met a man named Khalid and found out that he was a CIA agent working in the city of Las Vegas. After some minor trouble, he meets an FBI agent named Carrie Mathison and continues on his quest to protect the American people from terrorism.


At first it was all very impressive for me but when I got the next episode, I realized that it didn’t do anything new to make me like this show. Well, it did make me like the characters that I saw in the first episode but there wasn’t anything much for me to say about them. In the episode we saw Khalid, Carrie, and a little girl named Cheri. I can say that they are all likable and interesting but not much for me to keep my attention.

It may sound weird to compare the show with the infamous TV show The Sopranos, but I think it is justified because it does not lack its own style and uniqueness compared to that show. In the first episode, we had three families being attacked by terrorists, they fight back and Khalid saves their lives and the terrorists fall apart.

In the second episode, we meet a guy called Omar who wants to join Khalid and use his skills to save innocent people. In the third episode, we see that he and Khalid had a falling out and Omar is dying.

We can’t predict how this will be resolved but it’s clear that the FBI has to take care of Khalid and Omar because if they don’t they will end up being killed by terrorists. At the end of the series, Khalid takes the whole responsibility from him and gives him another chance at life. At first I was not sure if this show would work or not but the fourth episode proved that it was worth a try.

I have never watched a TV series before which was based on a movie and I thought that it would be hard to follow but I found it easy to follow. It really impressed me and I am not disappointed because what I had thought was true from the movies. In this case, it was true and well done.

I recommend you watch this television series and give it a chance. Remember that it has got the biggest terrorists in the world so if you have a lot of time, I suggest you have a quick watch with subtitles.

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