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A Sanskrit scholar who’s concerned with the nature of mind, Priyank Chopra is on a quest to learn and understand its functional intricacies. We all have a particular mental connotation. Your head is set at one end of the spectrum and your heart and soul are near the other. Chopra understands that the mind has to operate in both these states for it to be effective and constructive.

Priyank Chopra

He likes to make reference to the mental functions of some of the most well known and appreciated figures of our time like Einstein, Freud, De Beauvoir, Paul Ehrlich, etc. A leading light of the Human Potential Movement and of The Eckhardt-Rast camp which focus on awareness and the functions of the mind, Priyank Chopra brings out his own thoughts on why the mind works that way. From his own experience he’s able to see the functions and to identify with them.

Chopra believes that this part of the mind is the source of the brain’s many connections, ideas, memories, experiences, etc. He says that the mind creates our memory, our habits, our consciousness, our moods, etc. As such, the more you interact with your mind, the more it will work.

His most famous book is probably The Secret, a collection of short stories of small talk. I found him very entertaining when he took us on his tour of life. He was generous with his time, talked to us about what it was like to meet his heroes and their gifts, life and career.

He talked at length about the importance of helping others, I found this to be an interesting new book. It was possible to understand him very well from this work. His love of stories and learning through them are evident.

His final book is entitled Tao, it’s a collection of personal essays and reflections. The main theme is his philosophy, what you will do when you are not in control of your mind. It’s a book that shows what sort of life we want to live. This is a book that calls us to think deeply about the issues we face.

He likes to visit India, India, India, India. It seems to me that I’ve found a very sensitive thinker, his mind is geared towards the self and his heart is with the world.

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